Unibank announces new issuance of 2.8 billion drams worth shares


Unibank OJSC said today it is going to place another 12.2 million ordinary shares worth 2.8 billion drams through an SPO at NASDAQ OMX Armenia stock exchange.

Arka, 25 May 2016

According to a Bank's press release, the nominal value of a share is 100 drams; the placement price is 230 drams. The least package of shares available for buying is worth one million drams. The placement is to be handled by Armenbrok firm.

The prospectus of the Bank with a brief description of its activities, financial standing, the shares offered for SPO and related risks has been published by the bank today. The paper version of the prospectus is available at the head office of the bank and its branches, while the electronic version is available at the Bank's official website at www.unibank.am and corp.unibank.am.

In 2015 the Bank was reorganized into an open joint stock company. As a result of the first IPO the number of shareholders grew to 186. In April 2016 Unibank issued additionally 5.2 billion drams worth shares placing them all at the stock exchange.

This in view, the Bank pays special attention to improving the effectiveness of corporate governance, as well as to ensuring the availability of information to the public. Investors look at Unibank shares as long-term investment instruments.

According to Unibank Board Chairman Vardan Atayan, the current value of the bank's shares at NASDAQ OMX Armenia is a reliable indicator of the bank's effective performance.

Unibank is a member of the securities accounting system and has the status of depository account operator. It is also a member of the settlement system of the regulated market, providing services for management of joint-stock companies register and stock keeping.

Unibank was founded in October 2001. In 2002 it introduced Unistream system. Its only shareholder is Glover Holding LTD.

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