More than 70 000 clients served at Unibank in one week

06/10/2020 Unibank, being the leader in the retail market, has been working with overload these days. In the first week of June, more than 70 000 clients were served at Unibank, 5270 loans with a total amount of AMD 3.4 billion were issued to Physical Persons and Private Entrepreneurs.

"In the current situation, Unibank takes all the necessary actions to provide clients with safe and convenient service. Our clients, in their turn, responsibly fulfill their obligations by repaying their loans on time. The level of financial literacy has greatly increased in Armenia. We highly appreciate our clients’ responsible attitude and try to meet their expectations," mentioned Gurgen Ghukasyan, Director of Business Promotion and Sales at Unibank.

One of the main directions of Unibank’s activity is supporting small and medium enterprises including those in the frameworks of Government support programs. The Bank offers loans specially designed for different spheres of business. To offer an appropriate loan, the Bank takes business specifications, such as seasonal nature, into account.

"Some SMEs are in a hard situation now. The majority of them needs financial support. Our task is to help entrepreneurs save their businesses and contribute to their development", — emphasized David Petrosyan, Director of Corporate Business Promotion and Sales at Unibank.

Unibank urges its clients make more use of remote services during the Coronavirus pandemic and limit their visits to public spaces, the Bank’s branches inclusive. Unibank’s clients have the opportunity to use all the services without visiting the Bank branches. To do that, you just need to download UniMobile app from App Store or Google Play. The application for using the services may also be filled in online, on the Bank’s website. It’s possible to repay loans, pay utility bills, send and receive Unistream money transfers and make other payments with the help of the mobile app.

"If, nevertheless, clients need to visit the Bank, we urge them to strictly follow the rules set for the prevention of spread of
the virus, including social distancing in queues. We take all the actions not to risk clients and our employees’ health and to provide them with safe and convenient service. Let’s follow the safety rules together," — said Arthur Aperyan, Director of operational services and information systems at Unibank.

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