Protobase Laboratories automates Unibank’s overdue debt collection process


Unibank has successfully completed the project on the automation of the legal collection having moved to the next phase of testing.

The system is designed to ensure streamlined functioning of the bank's subdivisions in charge of overdue debt recovery at all the stages - from receipt of loan liabilities prior to prejudicial stage up to applying to court. This solution significantly speeds up processes, increases the share of overdue debt repayments and at the same time reduces the cost of debt servicing.

To automate the process Unibank has made a decision to continue cooperation with Protobase Laboratories, which has proved itself in previous projects as a reliable and stable partner with a flexible customer-oriented approach.

Unibank closed the year of 2016 with a loan portfolio exceeding 118 billion drams. The successful activities in the field of retail banking services and the leading market positions imply also effective work with overdue liabilities. That is why Unibank pays special attention to introduction of advanced technologies and makes investments in automation and increase of efficiency. Automation allows to process a more voluminous information in a short period of time, and, thus, to optimize the employees’ work, to increase productivity, and to ensure coordinated cooperation between the bank’s subdivisions with concurrent monitoring at each stage.

According to Ovsanna Arakelyan, Unibank’s Vice-Chairman of Executive Board, Director for Legal service and collection of overdue liabilities, one of the most important tasks of the bank is the full control and management of the debt collection process. “By launching the automated system for the debt collection, we significantly promote credit documentation processing and get an opportunity to track the collection process, to plan and monitor the work efficiency of each subdivision and generate reports. This approach increases collection productivity and the efficiency of the entire process”, she said.

In cooperation with Protobase Laboratories Unibank has successfully introduced CRM-systems on processing applications for consumer and unsecured business loans. The bank has also automated clients’ applications processing. Use of CRM-systems allows the bank to significantly increase productivity and reduce operating costs.

Protobase Laboratories was established in 2011. Its offices are located in Moscow, Minsk, Nicosia and London. Protobase Laboratories is the combination of the strategic consulting with the management consulting, elaboration of the business processes and development in the realm of cloud-technology and CRM. Management and strategic consulting, consulting in the optimization and re-engineering of business processes as well as IT consulting are the main directions of the company's activity.

Unibank was established in 2001. The bank has 46 branches and a representative office in Moscow. The bank's stocks are listed at NASDAQ OMX Armenia stock exchange and included in A List. The bank's assets totaled more than AMD 186 billion in 2016 and its total capital amounted to AMD 35.7 billion. More than 320 000 clients are serviced at Unibank.

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