New business loan from Unibank with an interest rate from 5% per annum

02/17/2023 Unibank has announced a new loan in support of SME which can be issued in euros with an interest rate of 5% and 6% per annum. The term of the loan is up to 5 years. In the first 12 months, the interest rate on the loan is only 5%, and from the 13th to the 60th month - 6% per annum.The  loan can be issued both for a short term - 1 year, and for a long term - up to 5 years.

The loan is issued to develop the business and enhance its efficiency, as well as to refinance the existing loans in other banks. 

Legal entities and individuals may get the loan from any of the 55 branches of Unibank. There are minimal requirements for the borrower: the period of business activity is at least 12 months and the absence of a negative credit history.

Another important advantage of the loan, besides the low rate, is the possibility of providing a grace period of 12 months, during which the borrower pays only the interest amount.

“For capital investments, replenishment of working capital and current costs, SMEs need available resources for a long time. Our loan programs allow entrepreneurs to solve these problems without unnecessary bureaucracy, by quickly making a decision regarding financing and at the lowest possible rates”, commented David Petrosyan, Sales and Corporate Business Development and Sales Director of Unibank.

In 2022, the volume of business loans provided by Unibank increased by more than 18% compared to the previous year, which proves the increasing demand for the bank's loan products on the part of entrepreneurs. 

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