The open-air stadium of the borderline village of Nrnadzor was reconstructed with the support of Unibank

05/11/2022 The opening ceremony of the reconstructed open-air stadium adjacent to the school of the borderline village of Nrnadzor, Meghri community took place on May 8. The works were carried out with the financial support of “Unibank” OJSC.
The opening ceremony of the stadium was attended by Bagrat Zakaryan, the Head of the Meghri community, Father Raphael, the spiritual leader of the community, Alexan Boyajyan, the head of the Nrnadzor community administration, Armen Sakapetoyan, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Meghri Development Fund, Gurgen Ghukasyan, Deputy Chairman of Unibank, representatives of the local authorities and community members.

“It's been a long time now that Unibank is carrying out its program of supporting borderline village schools. With our direct participation more than a dozen computer labs, “ArMath” labs have been opened at regional schools, stadiums have been renovated, etc. This time we gladly accepted the offer of the Meghri Development Fund to support the reconstruction of Nrnadzor Stadium. Taking care of the young generation is the duty of each of us”, said Gurgen Ghukasyan, Deputy Chairman of Unibank's Board.

Even slight attention is important and inspiring. Once again I would like to express my gratitude to all our partners, “Unibank” OJSC management in particular, who supported the implementation of this project. We are advancing with small steps, yet confidently
toward the implementation of our objectives, that is strong and build-up borderline villages, victorious Motherland”, said Armen Sakapetoyan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation during the solemn opening ceremony.
The objective of the project is by building a modern and comfortable stadium in Nrnadzor village, boost the popularity of sports, and create another opportunity for children’s entertainment. The project also had a social component, as the population of Nrnadzor village was involved in the construction works.

At the end of the event, the students of Meghri Sports and Cultural Center came up with a musical performance, also there was a reception.

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