A recorded 18% growth of applications for Unibank’s consumer loans

02/15/2019 In 2018, Unibank’s «credit conveyor» processed more than 470 000 applications for consumer loans. This indicator is more than that of the previous year by 18%. 

The «credit conveyor» has been developed by «Protobase Laboratories» company. CRM system allows a more efficient client profiling , contributes to the formation of  a base of qualified borrowers and reduces lending risks of the bank, meanwhile  saving its resources. Human factor is excluded from decision making process and the decision on the client’s loan application is presented in a minute.

«It is important for the clients, that the processing of consumer loan applications should not take much time and the conditions should be available. Unibank has all the necessary technologies and infrastructures for the organization of a competent processing and an effective further development of consumer lending. As of the end of 2018, Unibank’s share in the POS lending made 40 %,- said Gurgen Ghukasyan, Director of Retail Business Promotion and Sales».

Unibank is one of the leaders in consumer lending market due to its fast service and available lending conditions for wide layers of population. In 2018, the volume of unsecured consumer loans issued by Unibank exceeded the amount of AMD 145 billion.


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