Affordable mortgage loan by UNIBANK: prepayment- starting from 0%


On Paruyr Sevak Street in Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia, there has risen a pretty new building with comfortable flats- a high-rise block of flats №51/2. Special for the purchase of the apartments at that address, Unibank has launched a new mortgage loan in cooperation with the building company “GSF” with the possibility to be given without prepayment.

The mortgage loans without prepayment are addressed to people with stable income who still don’t have big savings for initial fees. But now it’s possible to buy a flat in a new apartment-house without prepayment or with a small sum of money- up to 30%, providing the loan with an additional collateral. If the prepayment makes more than 30% of the housing, additional collaterals are not needed.

The conditions of the new mortgage loan are flexible and take the possibilities of potential borrowers into consideration, thus helping the majority of the residents of RA solve the problem of their housing. The payment term of the loan is up to 20 years, the annual interest rate – from 9.95%. One of the two currencies may be chosen- AMD or USD.

“The flexible approach to the solution of the borrowers’ problems is one of our main privileges providing us with a strong position in the market of mortgage loans,” comments Gurgen Ghukasyan, Director for retail business promotion and sales. “That’s a good option for those who want to make their living space bigger and to move from the old small flat into a more spacious one, in a new-built apartment-house. By the way, you purchase the apartment from the builder, consequently the state will pay back the mortgage interest from the amount of income taxes paid by you. Another advantage is the fast loan processing, which also will please the clients”.

The figures show best the clients’ trust towards UNIBANK: the number of mortgage loans given by the bank is continually increasing. In this half of the year, UNIBANK has provided by 55% more money for mortgage loans than in the analogical period of 2017. As of June 30, 2018, the portfolio of mortgage loans issued by UNIBANK was more than AMD 11.7 billion.

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