USD coupon bonds issued by UNIBANK listed on NASDAQ OMX Armenia’s Abond list


UNIBANK, being one of the most active members of Nasdaq OMX Armenia, not only offered the population to invest their savings in bonds, but also created a possibility of becoming a shareholder of the bank. The bank has already placed AMD and USD bonds in the amount of 500 million and 15 million, respectively.

UNIBANK has completely placed the issue of denominated coupon bonds with nominal value of USD 5 million, which has been included in Nasdaq OMX Abond list. This process enables to start the circulation of the bond in the stock exchange market and to make targeted and repo transactions.

The Maturity time of UNIBANK’s bonds is 39 months and the annual yield is 5.5 %: The coupon yield payment is implemented on a quarterly basis. Bond repayment is supposed to be made on 13.05.2021.

Population’s interest in bonds is a result of latter’s profitability, guaranteed income and security. The funds attracted by the Bank's nominal bonds are guaranteed by the Deposit Guarantee Fund.

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