Apply online for non-cash loans of UNIBANK without paying a visit to the bank


From now on, it’s possible to apply for “Non-Cash” consumer loans online, without visiting the bank. This way UNIBANK essentially saves its clients’ time giving them the opportunity to apply for a loan at any time. For the clients’ convenience, the application for the loan can be filled in by visiting website, and on Facebook as well.

Owing to its affordable conditions and simple procedure, “Non-Cash” loans are available for the majority of clients. The loans are given in a non-cash way- by a credit card for up to 48 months. The amount of loans may be up to AMD 1 million, with an interest rate of 15%.

The loan payments may be made as in the branches by contacting branch representatives, as by oneself- through the bank’s payment terminals.

Early payment is allowed without limitations and fines.

In the consumer loan market, UNIBANK is one of the leading banks, which is mainly conditioned by the affordable loan conditions for the population. Today, UNIBANK issues more than a thousand loans daily.

“UNIBANK pays a great attention especially to fast and simple service and strives to provide its services in a most convenient way for its clients. To make the loans more affordable, this year, the interest rates of consumer loans have been reviewed and reduced by the bank.

UNIBANK was the first bank in Armenia that gave its clients an opportunity to apply for loans online. Today, we’re offering an online application form for Non-Cash loans, as well, for our clients to make use of our services from their houses without visiting the bank, or what’s more- without standing in queues,” said Gurgen Ghukasyan, Director for retail business promotion and sales.

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