At Rest-Hotel Expo 2018 “UNIBANK” will present spcial loans for the sphere of tourism


Unibank will participate in national Rest-Hotel Expo 2018 at which loan products, specifically designed for SMEs of Hotel and Restaurant business, will be presented. Special loans take the individual specifications and seasonal characteristics of the business into consideration, creating an opportunity for SMEs to receive financing for specific requirements with the most profitable terms.

Due to this approach, the number of loans Unibank provided SMEs with in the first trimester, was higher than that of the last year by 50%.

One of the main requirements of SMEs is the opportunity to get long-term resources for business development. The banks actively cooperates with international organizations, European Investment Bank (EIB) and German KfW bank inclusive. Unibank offers business loans for a period up to 90 months, and with an annual interest rate of 10.5%.

With the aim of increasing the effectiveness of activity and competitiveness of enterprises, it’s possible to apply for a business loan which is designed to reduce and optimize energy consumption. The term of “Energy-efficient” loan is up to 5 years, and the amount is AMD 500 million.

Unibank offers business loans without collateral to small businesses with a simplified procedure of receiving the loan, as there is no need of additional costs for notarization of documents and insurance of collateral. Favorable conditions, flexible payment calendar of the loans and the possibility of early repayment without any limits increase the level of availability of loans for the majority of enterprises. The procedure of application processing for non-collateral loans is automated at the bank owing to the exploitation of the innovative CRM- system by “Protobase Laboratories” company.

Taking into account the peculiarities of Hotel and Restaurant business, it is also possible to apply for Visa Business card with a revolving credit line to operatively make necessary payments at any point of the world.

“We offer loans specifically designed to meet the requirements of enterprises engaged in tourism, who consider all the nuances of their activity. Specialized loan programs are exercised most effectively and they provide conditions for the development of our clients’ business. Rest-Hotel Expo 2018 is a suitable platform for setting up cooperation with new partners and for presenting the benefits of our loan products to business”, said David Petrosyan, Director for corporate business promotion and sales.

Specialized Rest-Hotel Expo 2018 will take place May 31, 2018 at the Sport and Concert Complex after Karen Demirchyan.

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